Apple Maps Beats Google Maps [Test]

Yes that’s true, the well known bad Apple maps could beats the well known Good Google maps and Waze in navigating Cupertino, in a secret road challenge done by PC Mag. Follow us to know more!

Apple Maps Beats Google Maps



PC Mag’s John Dvorak, podcaster Leo LaPorte, TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell, and marketing guy Glenn Rubenstein were in three different cars each using a different navigation system. With a few stops to make including a meeting at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, they headed out using their favorite apps to get there.

Leo LaPorte was using Waze but it misdirected him in one instance which caused him to take ‘forever’ to get there. He was lost at another location for unknown reasons putting him in last place.

In second came Google Maps used by Dvorak. He was directed to cut across town; whereas, Glenn Rubenstein, who used Apple Maps, was directed onto the freeway.

Suddenly, Glenn jumped on to the freeway as Google Maps directed me through the city streets for a cut across town. At the time, this seemed like a better route, not to mention a more scenic one. But the long stoplights in Sunnyvale are dreadful. Glenn arrived at least five minutes ahead of me. I gave the nod to Apple and now wonder what the fuss was about.

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