Study: iOS Users Spend More and Earn More Than Android Users

According to a new study, Apple users spend more money and earn more money than those Google, Android users. Follow us to see the study!

iOS Users Spend More and Earn More



Data from Toshl Finance, a budgeting and expense tracking app, reveals that iOS users spend more and earn more than Android users.

The average iOS users earns $2,751 per month and spends $3,297 every month. Compare that to the average Android users who earns $2,250 per month and spends $2,761 every month. That’s about a $500 difference between spending, income, and users.

Notably, income and spending for Windows and Symbian customers is notably less.

Toshl has over 360,000 users; however, this study only looked at its top ten markets including the United States, China, the EU, and Russia.

Check out the chart below by Business Insider that visualizes this data or hit the link below for more information on the Biggest Earners and Spenders in 2012.

Read more [Via iClarified]

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