PayPal Outs iOS SDK for Mobile Payments

Apple fans, PayPal has just launched a new iOS SDK that will allow developers to simply accept payments by using the app for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models, with this new shot PayPal also outs javascript PayPal buttons and REST APIs.


Mobile SDK

Everyone knows that mobile is changing the way consumers shop and pay, and no one more than developers who must have a mobile presence to compete in today’s environment. We’re launching a mobile SDK so that developers can deliver great experiences for their customers by reducing friction when it comes to payments. Customers never leave the developer’s app experience to pay and they have more choice in the way they want to pay – simply click a PayPal button or scan a credit card using our technology. We’re making it available for iOS developers first, but we’ll expand to other platforms soon.

JavaScript PayPal Buttons 

Developers can now integrate PayPal in seconds by simply copying and pasting five lines of code into their website, shopping cart or a QR code. We’re making it easy to accept payments on a website, whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, or PC.


In addition to our existing APIs, U.S. developers will now have access to new APIs built on modern, standards-based technologies such as REST, OAuth, and JSON. We are beta-launching these modernized versions of our most popular APIs –payments processing and immediate settlement – to make it easier and faster for developers to integrate PayPal into their experiences.● Tokenization – A key feature of our new APIs is that we now tokenize credit cards for developers so that we significantly reduce their PCI compliance responsibilities.● Developer Website – We are launching a simple, integrated website – – that gives developers a single location for our sandbox, tools, documentation, and resources they need to build innovative applications.

Now if you are interesting you can get started right now => Get Started.

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