New iOS 7 Concepts: Mobile Safari & Notification Center [Video & Images]

Hello Apple world, in this post we are going to show you, iOS 7 concept, New iOS Notification Center concept with a demo video and mobile Safari concept with images, follow us!


This iOS 7 Notification Center concept comes from folks over at ModMyi [Via] by Shaik Imaduddin.


The basic concept is that you can swipe each notification to reveal actions that can be performed on the notification. For example, if you missed a call you could return the call, send a message, or create a reminder.

Watch this YouTube video, for more better explanation…

And the following iOS 7 Safari concept via designer Brent Caswell, who says….

I wanted to conceptualize what Safari on iOS could be if it took on the developments that have occurred on other browsers over the last few years, and adjust the user experience to match changes that have occurred elsewhere on the platform.

Unified Address and Search Bar
● Combined keyboard
● Icons for search results

● Tabs at bottom
● Listed folders

Bookmark Editing
● Similar to Mail app
● Swipe to reveal options


Bookmark Stream
● Similar to Photo Stream but collaborative

Reading List
● Batch edit
● Add button


● Show four pages at a time
● iCloud tabs


Action Sheets
● Called by long press or action button
● Lets you select action to perform on page, object, link, etc


Web Notifications
● Websites can send you notifications


● Support for quote sharing, pagination, user designated themes, user designated fonts, distraction-less reading, and independent brightness control. ​


That’s all do you like it?!

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