Mark Zuckerberg Rated the Best CEO, Tim Cook Falls to 18th Place

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO has been rated the world best CEO, while Apple’s CEO ‘Tim Cook’ Falls to 18th place, follow us!


The latest annual Top 50 CEO list published by Glassdoor ranks Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg as the number one CEO. Unlike other lists, Glassdoor’s rankings are derived from employees themselves, who vote on whether their they think their CEO is leading them in the right direction.

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Zuckerberg’s approval rating climbed 14% to 99% (previously 85%), while Tim Cook’s fell 4%.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO has fallen to the 18th spot with an approval rating of 93% (Still very high!). Interestingly enough, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer did not crack the top 50. Google’s CEO, Larry Page, kept his number 11 spot, while Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ ranked in at 16th.


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