Learn How To Improve iOS 6 Maps With a Simple Hit To Get More Locations & Streets

iOS 6 users, tired from iOS 6 maps, i think we can help you to improve your maps app to be more better and clear with adding more locations and streets, and all of that need just single hit in sittings, follow us after the jump to learn how!

 Improve iOS 6 Maps With a Simple Hit To Get More Locations & Streets

Apple enthusiast, iOS 6 maps app works bad, and when Google decided to create iOS maps app, Apple didn’t approve it, or as sources inside Google company says, Apple will not approve the Google Maps App for iOS, so that we got a simple fix for you, simple hit in the App’s settings can make it more and more better, gain more locations and gain more streets…


  1. Open “Settings” and tap on “Maps
  2. Under ‘Label Size’, HitSmall
  3. Now go back to the Maps app to immediately see the difference.

And here you are the difference, below…

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