iOS 7 Tips And Tricks: Here’s What Your iPhone or iPad Can Do Now Running iOS 7

It’s have been 4 days since the final release of the iOS 7 have been released, but that short period didn’t hold back Apple customers from updating all their Apple devices, We will wait for a Press release for Apple stating the number of the devices which is updated to the iOS 7 but as we are waiting for this we will show you everything you’ll need to know about iOS 7 in order to use it in a more efficient way. Follow us after the break!


Dear reader, if you have got your pre-ordered iPhone 5C, Got your iPhone 5S from that long queue or you are having an updated iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad mini this article will be very useful for you…

iOS 7 Tips And Tricks


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Notification Center

We all know that the notification center is something essential that we were waiting for in the iOS6, but it still had it’s own disadvantages like you had to touch this small X on the right corner of the notification to close, Now in iOS 7 you will just swipe them and they will be gone, Moreover the notification center in the iOS 7 a brief about today activities, weather and missed calls you can still access it by swiping your finger on the top of the screen.

You can even access it from the lock screen, if you don’t want to be accessible from the lock-screen, you can still close this feature by going to Settings > Notification Center , There you can still decide if you want to view the notification center with or without your pass-code.

Like iOS 6 you can still manage which application can give you notifications on the notification center, and it works the same way of the iOS 6, that each application is having it’s own notification center settings that controls how the notification is displayed.

Control Center

Did you like the SB Settings tweak that made you put quick buttons in the notification center ?
Then you will definitely like this feature.

All you have to do is swipe from the button of the screen upwards, There you will find the five quick access buttons airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and portrait lock.

The surprise is there is a new button which is the torch light, in addition to an alarm clock, camera and calender buttons.

If you are having an application that it’s controls is conflicting with the control center, you can still disable it from Settings > Control Center.

Air Drop Battery Drain

If you are a heavy user that need every percentage in your battery then you must turn off the Air Drop Feature, unless you want to search for nearby iPhone users who are upgraded to iOS 7, If you want to turn it off, pull up the control center and touch the Air drop button.

Make The Text Bigger in Apps

You don’t see well ? or you forgot your glasses ? now in the iOS 7 there is a feature that helps you to set the size of the text in the apps, weather it’s bigger or smaller, you will just navigate to Settings > General > Text Size, and you could slide the bar where you want it to be.

New Sounds and Ring-tones

Are you being bored of the same ring-tones on your iPhone ? well, in iOS 7 things have changed, you are now having new ring-tones and you can also control the sound of the lock and keyboard typing.



The camera application is now in a completely revamped interface, now you can quick access the camera by swiping the screen from the right corner of the lock screen or from the control center. The camera app screen is divided into several options, Video, Photo, Square and pano sections and to access different modes you can swipe left or right.


now you won’t need instagram funky filters because you will already have one into your iOS 7 Camera App, all you have to do is press the three dot logo in the button of the screen and choose the filter that suits your picture.

Focusing without tapping the screen

Now you won’t need to tap the screen to focus if you are wearing a glove or something you can instead press the volume button to auto focus.


Are you traveling and you need to capture that amazing view using panorama view, now you can have this feature in the camera app in the iOS 7, all you have to do is navigate to the camera app, swipe to the right until the panorama option appears, then you will have to tap the arrow to set if you will capture it right to left or left to right, and you will have to hold the iPhone in the portrait mode.

Burst Mode

Now if you are having an action you want to capture several photos in burst mode, all you have to do is either hold the shutter button or the volume button in order to capture photos in burst mode to as the action happens.

Once you have taken your burst photos you can choose the picture that you like from them and the iPhone will help you too by choosing the good one, you will find a Grey circle underneath, In order to select the picture you want, you will press favorite, then select the pictures that you want.

To delete a burst photos, navigate to photos select photo burst ( you will find several photos behind each other), then press delete key, then a message will pop up to say weather if you want to delete all of them, click the red button “Delete Photos”.


The photos app is now sorted by a smart groups which are collections, moments, and years. these are the smart groups based on your time and place.
and now you can share specific group of photos with people near you by iCloud Photo Sharing. iCloud Photo Sharing app is accessible in a tab in the photos app, now your friends can comment on the pictures and everyone can see the comments.

Sharing Moments

Now you could share a complete moment with your friends, by pressing the share button above the moment, then you will go to an option of sharing all the moment or a specific picture, then the sharing method Message, iCloud, Mail, Facebook, Copy them or print them. and you can also send them by using Air Drop.

Quickly Finding a Photo in Years

Now you can quickly can through your years photos if you want to search for a specific photo, Moving your finger will reveal a quick thumbnail of the photos you have taken.

Universal Search

In iOS 7, you wont have to swipe left the screen to search for something, Now you can find phone numbers, texts , Apps, and emails by swiping down anywhere in the screen, a search box will appear, then you could type anything you are searching for.

To add some restrictions in the search engine, you can navigate to  Settings > General > Spotlight Search then check the relevant boxes.


One of the best new features in the wallpapers is the parallax wallpapers. Using the gyroscope, iOS 7 makes the wallpapers moves with your movement, so if you tilted your iPhone to the right the icons will move to the right. You can still manage the wallpapers like iOS 6 Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness >Choose wallpaper.

Now you can set a panoramic photo as your wallpaper and lock-screen, when you go to choose your wallpaper you get to choose which part of the picture you want it to appear, You can now have the option to choose a dynamic or a still or one of your own pictures.

Closing Apps and Switching Apps

Now closing Apps and switching is done the same way in the iOS 6 which is double tapping the home button, but you’ll notice the change in the interface and user experience, you can swipe left and right to navigate between apps, swipe an app to close it and even close an app while you are in it, somethings you couldn’t do in iOS 6.

Personal Hotspot

The personal hotspot feature is the same in the iOS 6 which is going to Settings > Hotspot. but now iOS 7 can generate to you a password or you can set your own password for easily navigation.

Do Not Disturb

If you are having a lot of meetings and you are traveling a lot and you don’t want your iPhone to disturb you with notifications then the Do not disturb option is the right one for you. So you can go to Settings >Do Not Disturb then you could schedule a specific time to get your device into do not disturb mode.

and if you are worried about missing an important call or text, you can set your iPhone to allow calls from specific persons and if someone called more than three times it could repeat the calls.

You can set your iPhone now in iOS7 to set it in Do not disturb, weather you are locking the phone or all the time, if you are in an important meeting or a presentation.

Improve your battery

If you are having a battery drain caused by the iOS 7 here are these tips that will help you.

Battery percentage

To disable the battery percentage option on your iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Usage and then disable Battery Percentage.

Background Application Refresh

Background refresh is one of the options that use a lot of your battery by making any application in the background working and updating weather you are on a WIFI network or a cellular usage, in order to disable this feature navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, you can turn it off or limit it by specific apps.

Reduce Motion

You still can turn off the parallax effect that is done by rotating the apps and giving you the 3D effect, that might drain some of your battery’s energy, you can navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.

Spirit Level

For your home improvement, now you can put your iPhone on a physical item and it will tell you how far you are,

iCloud Backups 

If you are having a new iPhone and you don’t have that amount of important data that needs to be updated, you can still disable this feature, by going to Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup > Manage storage.



You can still have your iPhone auto texting your friends with a specific message, Go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text and start making your own messages.



Knowing your name

If you have got an arabic name and Siri is having a problem pronouncing it, you can now pronounce your name and teach Siri how it can be pronounced, You can say the options and choose what you want her to stick with.

What’s happening on Twitter

Siri now can have access to twitter, you can ask her “What is Barrak Obama last tweet ? ” and she shall answer you.

Getting a female voice

You can now change the voice of siri to be male or female, it can be accessed by going to Settings > General > Siri > Voice Gender this can be changed if you have chosen United States English , but if you have chosen United Kingdom you cant get a female voice.

Apps and App Store 

ios7_app store

Automatic Updates

Within iOS 7, You can let the Apps be updated automatically without going to the App-store and clicking the update button for every app, the second the developer submit the update, your application will begin the updating process, but at the same it if you don’t like this feature because of your jailbroken apps or something else you can still disable it by going to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > un-check the Automatic Downloads.

Downloading apps only over Wi-Fi

If you are on a limited data plan on your iPhone, iOS 7 could help you, by monitoring how much data every application is using , this feature was in Android, you can check it at Settings -> Mobile > Mobile Data.

Finding apps Popular near me

Do you want to know what kind of apps people around you are liking ? now there is a “popular near me” section in the app store which includes all the popular near you recommended apps.

Enabling Touch ID to buy apps on iPhone 5S

Do you have got your children always playing with your iPhone ? and sometimes purchasing somethings using your credit card on the appstore ?
you can now control this by limiting the purchasing process by your Touch ID. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and check In-App Purchases.



Blocking Messages

Have you got that annoying stranger that keeps bothering you with texts ? now in iOS7 you can block several people from texting you, In the Phone section in Settings scroll down to Blocked section and start adding the numbers. If you want to block him through iMessage tap the contact and check his info then if you scrolled down you will find Block this caller.

Contact the message sender

At the top of any message you will find a Contact button which will make you instantly call or face time the contact.

Time sent

To know what time you sent this message, all you have to do is swipe from the right to left in the message conversation and a time will appear next to every message.

Delete messages 

By swiping from right to left on a specific message, can quickly delete the conversation.

Send & receive

If you are having a lot of Apple devices connecting with you iMessage account and you don’tSettings > Messages > Send Receive want the messages to appear on all of them you can easily control this feature by going Settings > Messages > Send Receive, and then select the addresses and numbers you want to get messages to.


Beside the totally enhanced design and UI, there are some new features in the Mail app in iOS 7.

Unread emails

Now, you can see how many unread emails in your inbox, you have to go to Mail > Mailboxes > Edit and select Unread.

VIP, Flagged, All Sent, To or CC, Attachments, All Drafts

You can also do the same thing for a folder for the first time, Go to Mail > Mailboxes > Edit and select which ones you want.


Now you can search by swiping downwards, You can search your all inbox without having to select from, to, subject. you can also limit the search on one mail inbox or all your emails. Moreover you can limit it on specific conversations.

Delete Mail

The same in the iMessage, all you have to do is swipe from right to left to delete certain email for thread.

Quick Reply, Forward, Flag, Mark as Unread, Move to Junk, Move Message

all the above features are easier to find than you’ll imagine, you will just swipe from right to left and press on more.

Multiple email signatures

If you have got multiple accounts synced with your Mail app on your iPhone, now iOS 7 lets you have a seperate signature to every mail, if you want to set them simply navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and scroll down to Signature. Tap on Signature and then Per Account, then you can personalize your signature according to every mail.

Change Flag style

If the flag icon doesn’t make you feel comfortable, you can still change it with a circle icon. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Flag Style.


maps_ ios7

Walking Directions Instead of Driving Directions

If you are at a big city or you traveled to a city you don’t know and you want an assistant, you will definitely like the maps update in iOS 7, you can now switch your default directions from a car to walking, if you are likely to walk than to drive a car, Go to Settings > Maps > Preferred Directions.

Keeping tracks on where you hangout

iOS 7 can keep track of where you hangout the most by using cached data out of your iPhone you can check it by going to  Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services to view a list of places you hangout most, and if you are worried about this feature you can disable it from the same place.

Deleting Music

If you are trying to delete a song and it keeps showing back, it means that you have ticked Show All Music toggle, To turn it off you will have to go to Settings > Music > and toggle the “Show All Music” button.


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