iOS 7 Should Be With the Damn Filters in [Concept]

What you if Apple added filters and tilt shift into the well known built-in photos application in the up coming iOS 7, will you stay away from Instagram app, after the break we have this wanted feature described in lines, follow us!

iOS 7 Should Be With he Damn Filters in [Concept]


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Rene over at iMore asked this question: “If Apple built basic filters and tilt shift into, I’d probably stop using Instagram.” on twitter with his followers and replied says that…

You can say adding filters to is skating to where the puck was back when the NHL was still skating, but any time basic functionality is baked into the OS, at a basic level, it reduces complexity. In iOS especially, where you can’t alter the default apps, and the built-in iOS camera is available at the swipe of a lock screen icon, and the Camera Roll can post to Twitter directly, and Facebook, and more, that’s where I want basic filters and effects to live.

In fact, it’s a poor camera, Everything else is just an alternative, an extra step

Look at only some of the current slate of filter (or filter-and-share) apps. From top left: iPhoto, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Camera, and Flickr. iPhoto’s interface is overly involved and complex for people who just want to futz with and share photos, and none of the third party filter-and-share apps do simple interface as well as Apple. And all of them require more steps then if the functionality was included in the core OS.

In iOS 5 release, we got basic editing hit the photos application, shifting filters and effects there in iOS 7 there makes the kind of sense that does. 

In fact, Apple could build in live filters and effects, since they have full access to every atom and bit of the machine, something not afforded third party apps.

Once a filter and/or effect is applied, Share sheets would make it a snap to send to not only Twitter and Facebook, but iMessage and Photo Stream, or to set as a wallpaper. It becomes OS-centric rather than app-centric, and anything that gets added to the Share Sheet would get to source photos with filters and effects “for free”, in one step.

Online photo ownership is a huge battleground, with entrenched players like Facebook/Instagram, Google+/Picasa, Yahoo/Flickr, and Twitter all trying to make their platforms stickier, and hedge against social migration, by making the things we care about, especially photos, fun and enjoyable on their networks. But they’re often dicks about it. [Via iMore]

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