iOS 6 Users Complaining Of Automatic iOS 7 Download

If you are running iOS 6 be careful, Apple downloading it’s new iOS 7 by software update without permissions, follow us for more details!


Most of iOS 6 users are complaining of automatic iOS 7 download over the-air on iOS devices by software update without taking permissions, then ask you to upgrade if you want, after the download.

That download is not automatically installing the software, something that still requires user interaction.


The same thing happened last year with the built-in over-the-air update tool included in iOS 5, though iOS 7 weighs in at nearly 1GB for some users. That’s a big deal for owners on 16GB devices, where the amount of storage users get out of the box is slightly less and can fill up quickly with HD video content and certain games.

CNET confirmed the behavior on both an iPhone 4 as well as a fourth-generation iPad, both of which were running the latest version of iOS 6 before 7 arrived. For the iPad, the download began within minutes of turning on the device and plugging it into A/C power. When finished on both devices, it accounted for a little more than 3GB of space that was previously available on the device, and did not show up in the storage management settings submenu.

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