iOS 6 Maps Improved [significantly]

Apple has been working on it’s maps app, and making significant improvements to it, according to a new detailed post published by The Loop!  


The updates have been quite significant for the areas involved. For instance, the update in Japan brought toll road notifications and improved pronunciation of roads during turn-by-turn navigation; updated icons and labels for freeways, transit stations, subway lines and other categories like fire stations, hospitals and post offices; and added 3D buildings including Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Tower. In the past few months Apple added flyover support for:

Baltimore, MD Providence, RH Portland, ME Cleveland, OH Green Bay, WI Minneapolis, MN Albany, NY Indianapolis, Indiana Cologne, Germany Glasgow, Scotland Buffalo, NY Vancouver, BC Tulsa, OK Hoover Dam Modesto, CA Stockton, CA The company also expanded Flyover coverage in a number of other cities, including: Portland, OR Boston, MA Houston, TX Stockholm, Sweden Munich, Germany London, England Madrid, Spain Rome, Italy Copenhagen, Denmark Berlin, Germany Lyon, France Birmingham, AL Toronto, ON Barcelona, Spain Maps has updated 3D buildings for Standard view and Turn-by-turn navigation for: Barcelona, Spain Berlin, Germany Birmingham, England Cologne, Germany Copenhagen, Denmark Dublin, Ireland London, England Lyon, France Manchester, England Milan, Italy Munich, Germany Rome, Italy Apple also made a number of updates in China, one of the company’s newest and biggest markets. Maps in China now has a new coloring scheme that matches the vector-based Maps; new Chinese character font for improved readability; Re-prioritized locations so more relevant/interesting locations display first; Updated road network; and it now contains narrower roads. In addition to all of these changes, Apple has updated city labels in cities worldwide and improved satellite imagery in a number of countries. Other updates include location information for Apple Stores, businesses, movie theaters, restaurants, airports and transit stops.

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