In iOS 7, You Can Teach Siri How To Talk [Feature]

When Apple launched iOS 7, Apple team didn’t announce each new feature during the worldwide developers conference keynote, and this Siri  new feature is one of the hidden features in iOS 7, follow us after the break to learn more about it!


Apple is making every effort to develop and improve Siri and this new improvement in iOS 7, makes you able to teach Siri to pronounce names correctly or as you wish. It’s an impressive new feature, and one first spotted by folks over at 9to5Mac reader. As the website explains:

Siri will ask for help pronouncing a name if it has trouble understanding you the first time you pronounce a name. In addition, we have found that you can simply say, “That’s not how you pronounce [any name]” and Siri will go through the learning process.

In that phase, it will ask you to say the name then present a few options of how it thinks you said it. Once you choose an option, it will save and always (try to) correctly pronounce the name.

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