iMessages To Nowhere?

Apple says it’s aware of iMessage problem and is developing a new update to fix it. More details right after the break follow us!


Yesterday, we have solved ten iOS 7 problems including iMessage problem. But few hours ago Apple commented on the iMessage issue with the following, WSJ reports.

Annoyed iOS users took to Twitter and Apple’s message boards to report problems sending messages through iMessage, which provides free texting between users of Apple devices. It also converts those messages into SMS texts for non-iOS users.

The most frequent complaint is that messages appear to be sent, but later appear with a big red exclamation point indicating they did not go through.

The simplest and most often-suggested work-around by users is to restart the device. Another option being suggested is to disable iMessage, reset the Network Settings, and then turn iMessage back on. (To reset the settings, go to Settings → General Reset → Reset Network Settings.)

“We are aware of an issue that affects a fraction of a percent of our iMessage users, and we will have a fix available in an upcoming software update,” Apple said in a statement. “In the meantime, we encourage any users having problems to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to help resolve their issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes impacted users.”

The new iOS was released Sept. 18 to praise for its new look and features such as a new control center that functions like a dashboard for controlling an iPhone or iPad.

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