How Not To Fix Apple Maps?

Apple maps, this pretty cool, bad application from Apple, yes i took this way, that makes you in the correct mood my dear reader! since we posted before how to fix Apple maps and followed the guide by Google’s army, today we are going to show you how not to fix Apple maps, follow us after the break! 

How Not To Fix Apple Maps?


Actually, when we decided to help Apple fans to use the company’s official maps app, we started learning them some tips that brings more better maps, but we should admit that fixing Apple’s maps app is a hard row to hoe, i hate to sound overly harsh but it’s the truth.

Getting the fledgling service to a point where it can even approach the quality of Google’s mapping solution will take years and a tremendous amount of manpower — just ask Google, which has 7,100 people around the world always working to improve Google Maps. And Apple knows this, of course, which is likely one of several reasons company executives were “seething” when the Google Maps app for iOS was welcomed home like a death row inmate who was finally freed after having been wrongfully accused. So, where does Apple go from here?

In the long months and years ahead, Apple will beg, borrow and buy in its effort to get its mapping solution up to snuff. Deals will be made, tech and data will be licensed, and companies will be acquired. Maybe TomTom, who knows?

In somewhat troubling news, however, one deal Apple is working on in these early days is one that would see Foursquare share data with Apple’s iOS Maps app, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While Foursquare would indeed offer a mountainous hoard of local data and such a deal would give Apple’s Maps app a unique feature that Google’s alternative does not have, it also doesn’t solve anything.

You know guys, Apple’s big problem isn’t the truth that iOS 6 maps can’t guide people or tell them..

How many Foursquare users have checked into a local restaurant it’s surfacing a result in Wichita, Kansas when someone searches for a local restaurant in New York.

And beyond all that, Foursquare offers crowd-sourced data. This, as we all know, is a tricky endeavor and it certainly won’t measure up to data collected directly over several years by several thousand workers.

The Foursquare deal is surely one of dozens of ways Apple is looking to fix and enhance its mapping solution, but I wonder if this is even something Apple should be investigating at this time. Maybe I’m wrong and a Foursquare deal will add real value and bring millions of iPhone users crawling back to Apple Maps. [Via Bgr]

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