Get The Most Powerful Battery Life For Your iPhone – Battery Low ‘No More’

The worst thing that we already have in our smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhone is the battery life, nobody have an iPhone and not-facing this big problem, so today on iTechNow we will fix this issue, follow us to see this new helpful iPhone case! 

Get The Most Powerful Battery Life For Your iPhone

Want to solve my iPHone 4S battery life problem

In fact, it’s helpful but i didn’t like it, since it’s more bigger and longer than the original size of the iPhone, get a look below…


uNu is one of the best iPhone products manufacturing companies in the world. They had provided iPhone user’s many sort of products, that proved to be very useful. This time they came up with an new sort of case for iPhone 5 which previously they launched for iPhone 4S, which proved to be very useful. Now after making certain modifications they have now launched this new cases for iPhone 5.

They had made this case very carefully to provide maximum output result to users. There are spaces for Power and Volume keys so that users don’t feel any sort of restrictions in this case. Small apertures have been made along microphones to provide maximum voice clearance during call. This case comes up with a battery of 2300 mAh, which can provide up to 10 hours of promising call time.


If you like this iPhone case you can get it right now from it’s available for $79.99, get it now.

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