Evad3rs is New Dev-Team Formed By Hackers (Pod2g, MuscleNerd, Planetbeing, and Pimskeks)

Hackers Pod2g, MuscleNerd, Planetbeing, and Pimskeks has formed Evad3rs, a new team with a new Twitter account, also pod2g gave a bit of information in the last few hours, follow us!

iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak News

Well, according to the recent posts [Here] the jailbreak is done and ready for the launch but hackers still waiting for Apple’s new update of iOS 6.1 to avoid losing the jailbreak tool.


We (+ @MuscleNerd @planetbeing @pimskeks) are the @evad3rs. We don’t take any donations ATM, please don’t be fooled at donating to others.  

They are preparing for the launch…

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