Does iOS 7 Look Anything Like Windows Phone 8?

iOS 7 is completely different, but does it look like anything like Windows Phone 8? let’s find that out after the break, follow us!

 Does iOS 7 Look Anything Like WP8?



One chief media proponent of Windows Phone 8, was asking ‘Will borrowing ideas from Microsoft help Apple destroy the smartphone competition?’

Farhad Manjoo of Slate, immediately complained just hours after it was released, “iOS 7 borrows many ideas from other companies’ touchscreen designs, especially Microsoft.” I scoured his piece looking for examples of this but there weren’t exactly “many.”

“If you want to sum up iOS 7 in a word, it would be ‘flat,’” he noted. Apple’s own lead designer Jonathan Ive never summed up iOS 7 as an effort to achieve “flat.”


Instead, Apple says iOS 7 “creates a sense of dimension,” adding that “distinct and functional layers help create depth and establish hierarchy and order.” On stage, Ive demonstrated iOS 7′s depth with graphic representations. Apple’s iOS 7 website doesn’t even mention the word “flat” in passing.

And despite all the clamor of how Apple needed to kill “skeumorphism” and deliver an experience that was as “flat” as a Macromedia Flash animation from 1998, iOS 7 still uses real world textures wherever it chooses to, such as the subtle paper background used in Notes.

The most distinctive elements of iOS 7 are its use of translucency, icon gradients, a vivid and nearly Day-Glo color palette, parallax and other dynamic animations of background elements, static presentation of information and iconic branding and white backgrounds contrasting with a borderless buttons highlighted with color accents.

Whether you like these things or not, none of them are identifiable with Windows Phone. WP8 uses solid swaths of an opaque, primary color; moving widget-like information tiles and boxy buttons that are generally monochrome.


Manjoo does give an example of “places iOS 7’s look and desing is a straight rip-off of things that have come before.” He notes: “When switching between open apps, for instance, you now see flip-through cards showing you screenshots of each app. That’s pretty much the same interface that’s happen in Windows Phone, which in turn borrowed heavily from Palm’s webOS.”

Also, Manjoo noted in 2011, that the latest update of WP7 “now has copy and paste, and it has adopted Apple’s half-loaf version of multitasking, allowing some apps to stay active while you’re not actively using them.” So he’s not now saying iOS multitasking was taken from WP8, only that the concept of showing full screen proxies of your running apps in the task switcher was borrowed from elsewhere.

However, if you do a patent search, you’ll find Apple was documenting its own multitasking user interface ideas depicting a stack of app windows in 2004; Microsoft’s own 2008 patents on the subject were related to Windows Vista’s app preview popups on the Start bar, not a Cover Flow carousel of app thumbnails like webOS, WP8 or iOS 7.

Apple’s subsequent patents showed both full app previews and the icon bar task switcher design that first found in iOS 4, here you are take a look below…

12.10.16-Multi-3And lest anyone wonder where Palm got its engineers who put together the webOS task switching cards interface: they came from the company’s iPhone team, and were led by Jon Rubinstein, Apple’s former iPod executive. While Rubinstein reportedly never saw the iPhone in development at the company, he was certainly aware of all the multitasking, Cover Flow and Expose UI work Apple was doing on OS X, as was the rest of the industry.

[Via AppleInsider]

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