Apple’s iPhone 5 Records 100,000 Pre-Orders On First Day of Availability [China]

Woow, Apple remind me of the lady wanted, with it’s awesome devices, yesterday we talked about the iPhone 5 in search engine of Microsoft and Yahoo, how Apple’s iPhone 5 with it’s boring face still the most wanted device in all over the world, now do follow us after the break to read about this second-largest Chinese wireless carrier, which saw over 100,000 preorders in the first day of availability!

The iPhone 5 Record 100K Pre-Orders On First Day of Availability


The iPhone 5 glory stories, are unlimited and never finished. When Apple released the iPhone 5 all the world was looking at it, and waiting of this happy day when they will put their hands on, however it was boring for some users those Apple old customers, but they still want it.

Apple’s iPhone 5 reported to be, Microsoft’s top news story on Bing this year, 2012. And also Yahoo released a similar post says the iPhone 5 was here too doing the same not only on Bing. But Google, this Android company didn’t talk about this war, because it’s maybe admit Apple products is the most wanted devices.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Record 100,000 Pre-Orders On First Day of Availability

Another big news story also hit the world wide web says that the second-largest Chinese wireless carrier, saw over 100,000 preorders in the first day of the iPhone 5 availability. That’s after Apple’s report to launch the iPhone 5 in more 50 new countries.

Second-largest Chinese wireless carrier China Unicom opened up pre-sale reservations for Apple’s iPhone 5 on Monday and saw over 100,000 preorders for the device ahead of its official launch in that country on Dec. 14.


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