Apple Will Change its next version of OS X Name To ‘Lynx’

Well, seems strange or something new, but this is according to a new report from a “reliable source”, the report after the break comes from inside Apple, and only talking about the name of OS X 10.9.

Apple Will Change its next version of OS X Name To  ‘Lynx’

From CNET:

The rumor sounds plausible. It would continue Apple’s trend of naming its OS after ferocious felines. Over the past few years, OS X has leaped from Leopard to Snow Leopard to Lion and then to Mountain Lion.

However, the intel is decidedly second-hand.

The information comes from a “reliable source” who claims to have talked to someone inside Apple. The person reportedly saw some internal papers that indicated Apple was finalizing the name of OS X 10.9. But the source couldn’t say when Apple would actually decide on the name or reveal it to the public.

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