Apple Outs iOS 6.1.1 Beta to Developers

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.1 beta to developers only, iOS 6.1.1 beta update includes usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, follow us!

Apple Outs iOS 6.1.1 Beta to Developers



The Apple new operating system update improved Maps App for Japan…

iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 includes the following improvements to Maps for Japan:
● Improved pronunciation of roads during turn-by-turn navigation
● Optimized directions to more strongly prefer highways over narrower roads
● Now indicates upcoming toll roads during turn-by-turn navigation
● Added labels for junctions, interchanges, on-ramps, off-ramps, and intersections
● Added indicators for transit station buildings, subway lines, and traffic lights
● Updated freeway color to green
● Updated icons for some location categories including fire stations, hospitals, and post offices
● Added 3D buildings including Tokyo Station, Japan Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Tower

Only developers can download this new iOS beta from Dev Center.

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