Apple Announces iOS 7 Tech Talks!

Apple has just released iOS 7 Tech Talks in San Francisco, New York, Toyko, Shanghai, Berlin, and London. Follow us for more details right after the break!

In April 2013, when WWDC sold out in a matter of minutes, Apple said that they would hold tech talks later in the year. Apple has now sent out the details for these events, with a clear focus on getting developers up to speed with iOS 7.

ios7 tech talks

The talks are going to be held in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and London. Unusually, Apple is holding two events in each country this year, one for app development and one dedicated to game development. Topics revolve around the new API’s in iOS 7, to further encourage developer adoption of the new technologies. The talks are being held across October, November and December.

Registered developers must apply if they want to attend by September 25th 2013. Developers can attend either the app developer day or the game developer day, not both.

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[Source: Apple] [Via 9to5Mac]

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